GPSTC Training Policies

Students who enroll in training at GPSTC are expected to maintain a professional and courteous demeanor. Failure to abide by the GPSTC policies may result in disciplinary action including the student’s dismissal from class, assessment of a fee or fine to the student or their employing agency or permanent expulsion from GPSTC campuses. Click on specific sections below for more details on GPSTC’s training policies.

Students may miss scheduled class activities only in the event of illness, emergencies, or business related reasons. The Course Coordinator should be notified of planned absences. Most courses require 90% attendance while some basic classes require 95%.

Students are prevented from applying for more than one opening of a course as well as applying for more than one course during the same date range. Students are generally prevented from registering for a course if three employees from the same agency are also registered for the course.

Students can be accepted into no more than three classes at a time during the three month registration period. Some mandatory sequential classes may be exempt.

All forms of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on state property except for use in training activities under the direct supervision of a Course Coordinator. All forms of gambling are prohibited on state property. Smoking (including the use of vapor e-cigarettes) is permitted in designated areas outside the building only. Tobacco chewing, dipping and spitting is regarded as an outdoor activity.

Student cancellations should be submitted through the online registration system via the GPSTC Access page as early as possible to allow other agencies to fill unregistered seats. However, substitution by the agency is preferred to cancellation. Please note that substitute students must meet the criteria and prerequisites for the course and substitutions can also be made online by an agency administrator via the GPSTC Access page. Cancellations or substitutions must be submitted prior to the starting time for the class; failure to do so will result in a “No Show” designation.

Students shall not damage or deface GPSTC property. Damages to barrack rooms by students or missing items discovered upon a student’s checkout from the barracks will be billed to the agency with which the student is employed. Trainees who fail to return loaned Training Center property or incur indebtedness to the Center will not graduate until the debt is resolved or property returned.