What are the physical requirements for becoming a police officer or to attend training?

The physical standards vary based on the requirements of the agency that employs you. Although the minimum requirements for Peace Officer Certification are set forth in the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Act (O.C.G.A. 35-8), these represent only the minimum state physical requirements. Individual peace officer agencies routinely require more than the state minimums. More information can be found on the Georgia POST website.

As far as the physical requirements for GPSTC, there are no across-the-board physical requirements past the state minimums with the exception of special courses and basic mandate courses offered by our resident agencies (e.g. Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Department of Natural Resources). Those courses, which include several physical fitness programs, give the physical requirements in the course description listed in our calendar. Learn more about these courses by browsing our course catalog