How do I update my student profile?

  1. From the home page, log in to your GPSTC Access account.

  2. Click on Student Profile, located in the top right corner of your page.

  3. Student Information: Check your Student Information and make any necessary corrections. Your Personal Email and Work Email addresses should be different. Ensure that your Personal Email address is one that you will have continued access to, should you change employers.

  4. Other Information: If you are a POST certified officer, verify that your POST O Key number is entered correctly. To change your Primary Discipline (Peace Officer, Fire, Corrections, etc.), click in the field and select the correct discipline from the drop-down list.

  5. Agency Affiliations: Verify that the correct agency is listed. If your agency is not listed, you will need to change your agency.

  6. Email Notifications: In this section, you can edit the types and frequency of emails you receive from the GPSTC registration system.

  7. Click the Update Profile button.

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket or call (478) 227-8822.