Follow these steps to recover your account.

  1. From the home page, click the Forgot Student ID or Password link.

  2. Enter your personal email address and click the Submit button.

  3. You will have the chance to try three separate emails. If an email is not in the system, you will be shown the following message:

  4. After three attempts, the system will redirect you to this account recovery screen. Fill out all three fields.

  5. When entering your date of birth, use the circled arrows to navigate through the calendar to the correct year, month, and date.

  6. After all three fields are entered, click the Submit button.

  7. If we are able to locate your account and you have previously set up account security questions, you will answer the question and click Submit.

  8. If the answer matches, you will be given your Student ID (circled in red) and the opportunity to reset your password. If you do not need to reset your password, click 'here'€ to go directly to the login page.

  9. If we are not able to locate your account, you will be required to fill out this additional information. The circled drop down field is where you will enter your current agency.

  10. If you are not currently with an agency, please select Private Citizen from this list.

  11. After submitting this information:

If you need further assistance, please submit a help ticket or call (478) 227-8822.